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July 18 12 8:27pm]

I literally feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I fucked up so bad with school. My anxiety is the worst it's ever been. My mom.. My mom is a different story. How can your own mother hate you so much? Guilty conscience? Like for being a bad mom so she has to take her failures in life out on me? She's constantly trying to kick me out. Being a hypocrite about everything (and I do mean every little thing!) Also being a bitch about caleb. She acts like such a cunt because she can't ignore his whining. It hurts my feeling because he's just being vocal and expressing himself because he can't talk. I really feel like moving in here was the worst mistake I ever made. :/ I get so fucking upset because if scott would of just been a good father, we would still be together and caleb and I wouldn't smell like an ashtray, I wouldn't be miserably depressed

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August 4 04 3:18am]

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